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Can you or a group of your friends / family join forces to gift a childs education?

Primary School £42 PER MONTH

Secondary School £75 PER MONTH

£1200 PER YEAR

Monthly Donation Any amount

How to Donate

Visit our Just Giving Page Please leave your name and address when donating so that we can keep you updated.

Please email if you want to be receive updates each term and a letter once a year from one of our girls.

What happens next? We will be in touch to confirm the donation and updates are all set up.

Donate goods

If you have donations we are able to ship twice a year at a cost of £20 a box. We keep all overheads to a minimum so have no storage space. We would ask that people store donations, and email us at

We will let you know the next container date. We are always in need of children’s clothes, ladies clothes, school shirts, flat shoes, underwear, socks and school bags. In addition waterproof clothing and footwear, bags, school books and stationery, sheets, pillow cases and everything else a young girl needs.

If you are a school and able to organise a collection please take a look at our campaign ‘Down with Devices’, and email us for more information of  how to get children involved.

Get In Touch