Our Dreams


Our aim is to be self-sustainable. We understand the difficulties within this but we would love to grow our own crops, use our own water (bore hole), and use solar powered energy to cut down on external bills and costs to help move us to self-sustainability.

Tilinanu - Orphangae Building Development

We couldn’t wish for anything more than getting more people involved with Tilinanu. As we are still young it would be fantastic to get help, support and guidance from anyone who is interested in the development and progress of Tilinanu. With any ideas or thoughts please email: [email protected]


The dreams and potential for Tilinanu are endless…. The future holds aspirations that have never been considered by many of the children in Malawi.

We want to create a system where they can maintain and sustain Tilinanu without our help and funding. However, this is going to take time as we need to educate, teach and provide facilities for this to be able to happen.

Tilinanu is developing at a rapid rate and we are learning as we go. Our first vision to achieving this was to provide them with self-sustainable mechanisms such as sowing machines, and paying for education lessons such as IT and primary subjects. The sowing machines are fully active and doing a great job as are the lessons, however they are not being charged as we felt that we could not deny people the opportunity of education. This is what we felt was right within our hearts. Therefore we are looking to new ideas and perhaps on a larger scale… (Do you have any? If so please contact us [email protected])

We feel that it would be effective to allow Tilinanu to run a business for themselves, for example, a maize mill to enable the production of flour for their own use as well as generating income for Tilinanu. We aim to grow fruit trees such as mango, lemon, lime and banana trees, and provide chickens and pigs to supply themselves with a nutritional and a balanced diet as well as selling local produce and goods in order to expand development for the benefit of Tilinanu.

We would like to give the children the opportunity for further education and to excel in their chosen career path, such as giving them the chance to attend medical school, nursing school, a business course, or teaching school so they can give knowledge and education back to their community and help further people to develop. We aim for this to work through individual sponsorship.

It was our vision to have experienced medical students / nurses or doctors to come and provide workshops for the locals to help increase awareness and education, it would be phenomenal for this to continue as education is the basis for development.

Over the past two years it has been remarkable to see the impact that volunteers have within the community in Malawi, the benefit shows profusely. Many of our projects depend on volunteers offering their skills, time and love, and potentially without them they would not be able to run. We have huge visions for out-reach projects that would benefit villages all over by simply offering skills that we all take for granted! We truly believe that all individuals can make a difference.

We would love to continue having this strong community in England as well as developing a strong Malawian community in Africa…


Tilinanu is now moving close to self sustainability, just as we have always dreamed. Mercy and her late husband have done such a phenomenal job in teaching the full time carer how to care for so many girls as well as assisting the girls with there development that is often so tough. Mercy is a superb mother to all of the girls and it is exhilarating watching them grow into respectful, determined and ambitious young ladies.

We have developed a beautiful rapport with the villagers due to general interest, support and gratitude. Each and every one of them has a heart of gold and they are reaching for the stars for the development of their community and the safety of the children within it. Their determination is inspirational.

There is great potential not just for Tilinanu to house more girls, but potential for Tilinanu to offer more to Lilongwe. There are visions of the opening of a clone of Tilinanu, as well as the development of out reach programs  such as ‘the granny project’, ‘teaching out reach’ etc…

As you can see there are big, BIG dreams at Tilinanu and they are all achievable with a little help, faith and support.

The ultimate goal is to help and guide this community to stand on its own two feet and help provide for the children within it. Our basis is not to give them a British standard of living, we just want to give them a helping hand to living a life that children should be living. We still want them to learn their basic agricultural life skills but at an age where they can achieve their education first, and live a life free of worry about their next meal, education fees and health. We must stress that this is a non-profitable charity and all funds raised are used directly for Tilinanu.


For visions that have been achieved please see Tili’s dreams that have come true… Click here.