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Katy Gerity Update – Nov 2011

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My favourite parts Gomez falling asleep on me. My birthday. Seeing the girls playing netball with real goal posts. The girls praying Living with mercy The lake Church Not as good parts Maybe just the food. From a volunteers perspective at Tilianu i have had one of the best experiences of my life. It was […]

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The Granny Project – October 2011

Categories:Workshop Diary

Last year, through nothing but naivety and being unprepared for what I was shown (See 2010 Update).  I was unaware and had never been exposed to the conditions that the elderly were living in, not far from the beaten track. Unfortunately, at the time, I could not act on what horror I had seen. However, […]

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The Magical Musical Centre – October 2011

We have nothing but sheer respect and admiration to the Strummerville Foundation – gratefully a close friend (singer) works with the foundation and recommended collaboration. It was a fantastic idea. They released a grant on the promise that it was to be used for something music related and Joe Strummers legacy. ‘Strummerville’ is a registered […]

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